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   I’ve started a blog called Useful Stuff. I reserve the Original Green blog for subjects related to sustainable places and sustainable buildings. Useful Stuff, on the other hand, is wider, ranging, and will cover a broad spectrum of issues over time.

   I should warn you that it began as a completely personal blog. I hardly ever do anything the ordinary way, which means that I'm always trying to figure new stuff out. Often, I can't remember 6 months or a year later exactly how I figured something out previously. So I'm doing this blog primarily as my own personal repository of snippets of methods and techniques for getting stuff done... "blogging as memory." But I've had people tell me that they find value in stuff I develop, so feel free to use anything here that you find useful.

   Most of the first posts deal with recent experiences with iWeb, which is the software used to create the Original Green website. I know nothing about HTML, nor do I want to take the time to learn, with so many other important things to do. But iWeb let me get this site up in about a week, complete with a blog and podcast, which I’d never dreamed of doing before... so it’s really cool in its ability to make web publishers out of non-programmers, even though it has certain limitations. But to paraphrase the old Mac tag line from 1984, it’s “web publishing for the rest of us.”

   Oh... and one other item... I got offlist feedback from someone who said the “mail-and-share” links above were drifting on some browsers, making it impossible to add a comment. So I’ve moved them to where they are now above the blog post so that the Add a Comment button below is usable... so please comment profusely!

~ Steve Mouzon

Legacy Comments:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - 10:58 PM


   Hey I've just come across this blog. I just thought I would say "Howdi!"

Looks fantastic. I'll be adding this to my bookmark tool bar to frequent.



Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - 12:17 PM

Steve Mouzon

Yo, Adrian, that's great... thanks very much!


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