Original Green Book Launch Party Next Friday!

cover of Original Green book

   If you’re on South Beach next Friday night (May 7,) please stop by Books & Books at 927 Lincoln Road between 7 and 9:30 for the Launch Party of the Original Green book! I’ll be signing books if you’re interested in one. Please RSVP to Ty Reid if you can make it... thanks!

   Beyond that, there will be book tour destinations posted, beginning with the Congress for the New Urbanism in Atlanta. Other events are in the works. If you’re on facebook, please go to the Original Green book page and click “Like,” and well keep you up on the events as they unfold.


   From the earlier post...

   18 months after work on the book began, the Original Green [and the Mysteries of True Sustainability] is complete! ... Here’s how it’s laid out:

   The first chapter, “What’s the Problem?” is a Top 10 list of the things we’re doing to be green, but which are not winning strategies. Each has a secret (or with some, not-so-secret) flaw that prevents it from achieving real sustainability.

   The second chapter, “What Can We Do?” is also a Top 10 listing of the most important principles that should underlie real sustainability. Several of the mechanisms described here are nowhere to be found in most current green discussions, but they should be. I serialized these first two chapters on this blog, beginning a year ago today... Because of many comments posted on this blog, and also much off-list email discussions, many parts of these chapters have been refined, so what’s contained in the book will be improved from what you read here.

   The third chapter, “What’s the Plan?” outlines the Original Green, which begins with sustainable places, in which we can then build sustainable buildings. Sustainable places are nourishable, accessible, serviceable, and secure. Sustainable buildings are lovable, durable, flexible, and frugal.

   Everything until this point deals with big-picture stuff that needs to be done by regions, by cultures, and by nations. The fourth chapter, however, gets personal. “What Can I Do?” is a Top 10 list of the things that each of us can do individually to help become more green. It begins with things we can do easily, and moves up to the life-changing things that make the greatest impact.

   The book closes with a Resources chapter that includes websites, blogs, Apps, and books that support Original Green principles. After the index and glossary, it closes with a page on the New Urban Guild’s Project:SmartDwelling.

   ~Steve Mouzon


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