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The New Economy of Sharing

   This session practiced what it preached, as it was a swap-fest of sharing ideas. Participants included Eliza Harris, Jen Krouse, Dhiru Thadani, Robert Orr, & Ann Daigle.

• Eliza: Gigwalk is a good site where you can hire people for micro-pay to do micro tasks locally.

• Eliza: oDesk is good for job-sharing graphic design.

• Eliza: TaskRabbit deals with high-level tasks like graphic design, and also grocery shopping, donation pickup, etc.

• Jen: Couch-surfing is a new type of sharing that really is just good old-fashioned hospitality. Couch-surfing is highly dependent on trust. Couch-surfing runs your credit card for verification & there are reviews. You organize your couch-surfing stay through a social network similar to AirB&B.

• Dhiru: We are born to share our ideas and observations.

• Dhiru: Successful Kickstarter campaigns show people what they receive when they pledge.

• Dhiru: Some people have raised more than 10,000 times more than what they asked for on Kickstarter.

• Robert: Our co-working space hosted a hack-a-thon, we have group website critiques, charrettes, a distinguished speaker series.

• Robert: Our co-working hosts Yale Tory Party for their debates, and "cocktails in the cinema" where we serve what the stars drink.

• Ann: There are a tremendous number of sharing events in New Orleans now that are creating great energy.

• Ann: Edible Enterprises provides culinary entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to make & market Louisiana food products.

• Ann: Cafe Reconcile began by getting kids off the street and off drugs and into the kitchen to learn to cook.

• Ann: Hollygrove Farms & Market is a New Orleans CSA. It's an experimental farm in the city.

Tactical Urbanism

   I was session-surfing late Friday afternoon and happened into a Tactical Urbanism session that was half-over, and wished later that I'd been there all along. Also, later Tactical Urbanism references by Chuck Marohn in the closing plenary prompted this angry exchange on Twitter. In any case, here's what happened once I got to the session:

• Tactical Urbanism is not about the chair-bomb… it's about the community of activists the chair-bomb creates - Aaron Naparstek

• The session's funniest content: the "honku"… like a haiku, but about not honking, posted on phone poles, etc.

• "how do you not get arrested doing these things?" - audience question

• don't go to affluent neighborhoods to do tactical urbanism. go to a bad part of town where nobody cares; you'll make life better.

CNU21 Unsanctioned

• The MOOC, by Sebastian Thrun is the next big thing in education - Mike Krusse

• True urbanism has intrinsically better and worse units, creating durable diversity - Andrés Duany

• Classical buildings don't necessarily need straight streets - Douglas Duany

• You can't code until you imagine the city - Douglas Duany

Original Green - Hope for Architecture

   Friday evening, I teamed up with Clay Chapman to do a presentation on the theory and practice of the Original Green at CNU21 Unsanctioned. But rather than telling you about it, you could simply watch the video here.

   ~Steve Mouzon


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