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<I’m including this one because it’s the beginning of trying to work out the essence of the several roles people are choosing to play in this pandemic. It evolved well beyond this by now (almost 2 weeks later) ~Steve>

   Who ever thought it would go down like this? Tonight, it seems like there are three main choices: be a say-gooder, a do-gooder, or an I-don’t-carer. The say-gooders say it’ll all be fine, and everything will recover shortly. The I-don’t-carers say “I got mine and will enjoy what I can while I can. The do-gooders say “what can I do to help?” I used to turn up my nose at their self- righteousness but might have become one. What are your top ten things to do now? You post your ten; I’ll post mine. Just as soon as I figure out what they are!

   ~Steve Mouzon

Jennifer Hurley Stay home as much as you can so you aren’t unwittingly spreading the virus and so you don’t get it and take up a hospital bed someone else will need.

Christal Deeter Hudson I’m a Be-gooder. Take precautions and “it Be good”

Janna Whitley I think of Wanda's description of where I now live, "At the end of the road with no place to go, and trees on both sides." I plan to stick close to the trees.

Kris Payne Boyle Wash hands. Take a deep breath to relax, make sure you have analgesics and cold medicine, cook and freeze single servings (in case the chief cook gets sick), stay out of public places, go outside for fresh air, use extreme measures to care for your older loved ones, cancel nonessential doctor appointments, make sure you can work from home. Turn off the media. Check it only a couple times a day (don't feed your anxiety) take care of mental health and help others do the same. This will pass, but it will take its toll. Be cheerful.

Susan Ratliff Ask what others need, take care of my own health, be patient and don’t overreact with anger.

Hazel Borys 1. Stay home: except walks; don't hoard
2. Stay balanced: read, contemplate, exercise, sleep, limit media
3. Care for family: cook, conversations, laughter, games, films
4. Work: proposals, deliverables, conference calls, video chats
5. Encourage: be positive; hope purifies; call friends
6. Listen: stay informed but not constantly; obey health minister
7. Learn: what can we each do be well and cool the planet?
8. Get ready to rebuild: parse summer time
9. Document: leave knowledge for next round of what helped
10. Be grateful: we aren’t in it alone, so remember to say thanks

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