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   <I need your help. I posted the following on Facebook a couple weeks ago and got a few good responses. Since then, several colleagues and I banded together to work out new protocols for healthy buildings knowing given what we’ve experienced recently with the coronavirus pandemic. I’m hoping for a flood of ideas in three stages: 1) what we can do now on the cheap, 2) what we can do soon, once there’s time and money for installing new things to make us safer, and 3) what we should do with new building designs. ~Steve>

Just by doorstopping doors open, how much of an office building can you make accessible without anyone having to touch a door handle? Yes, I know you can operate a handle with your elbow and push the door open with your butt, but that doesn't work if you're on the pull side of the door. #COVID19

   ~Steve Mouzon

Christal Deeter Hudson worse yet is it’s getting passed through the exchange of filthy germ ridden money!!!... there’s no controlling that!

Laurence Allenbaugh Since all I do is touch doorknobs exit devices all day long, door stops leave a building vulnerable security wise. However ADA compliant lever handles do make it so a armless or handless person can operate them or someone that can’t grasp a knob tightly enough. The other issue as you mentioned that is fine on the push side of the door but not the pull side unless you are a member of cirque du soliel! Since we don’t have gloved doorman anymore, automatic door openers using infrared motion detectors is one way or security guards monitoring doors from cameras can activate an electric door opener if one has the proper credentials of entry. But it is an issue not easily remedied but it keeps me in business.

Laurence Allenbaugh I was in a building the other day and they installed hand wipes at the elevators so I used that to touch the elevator button, most of the time in restrooms you can use the towel you dry your hands with to open the door. I guess install hand wipes at every internal door?

Kris Payne Boyle As an ops manager, doorsteps are good for internal doors but create a security risk on external doors. We have ada compliant doors, of course. To Lawrence's point, hand wipes near the doors is a good idea, but difficult to keep stocked. 

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