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   ‪Some object to the term “social distancing.” But what’s wrong with keeping a social distance? How often do you really want someone up in your face?‬ Keeping a social distance is social; violating someone else’s social distance is antisocial.

   ~Steve Mouzon

Fernando Pages And that’s a very Usonian statement. You’d feel violated every day in Argentina!

Steven Semes Yes, Steve, a very American reaction! Pity the poor Italians!

Ann Daigle Steven Pity the poor Americans!

Sally Beaton McIntosh True, but the recommendation for social distancing, in this instance, is 6 feet. You don't often stand 6 feet someone you are talking with.

Ann Daigle Sally especially if your sight is poor.

Susan Yvonne Curtis Aww you know I can’t do that being a pre k teacher

C Fenno Hoffman One person's distance is another's intimacy.

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The Hidden Dimension (Anchor Books a Doubleday Anchor Book)

The Hidden Dimension (Anchor Books a Doubleday Anchor Book)

Ann Daigle C Fenno one of my favorite books from early days of social psych and ID.

Nils Eddy No problem when you're alone in a car.

Steve Mouzon Nils Eddy yeah, but cars already kill about 40,000 people per year directly & millions by side effects of Commuting Obesity!

Melissa Meyer Steve Mouzon, sounds like a pandemic to me.

Steve Mouzon Brilliant Melissa! The AutoVirus Pandemic! So virulent it affects almost every American in some way! And unlike most viruses, it shows no sign of containment, even after its first major outbreak 75 years ago. You should blog on this. Or if you don’t, I will, and credit you.

Melissa Meyer Steve Mouzon, Americans are addicted to the deadly automobile. Addiction is defined as a disease by the American Medical Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. I could go on and on! But unfortunately, I’m currently deep into a project right now and I shouldn’t even be on Facebook. You can blog about it and give me some creds. That would be an honor! I’d love to collaborate on other writing projects with you later.

Nancy Bruning Steve Mouzon and when you compound it with sit -itis you’re in even bigger trouble!

Nils Eddy Even most walkways are less width than the recommended social distance.

Christopher Liberatos

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Andy Di Michele we introverts are staying vigilant but... are slightly more at ease

Kris Payne Boyle A recently retired friend spent his day on the lake in a bass boat ..his definition of social distancing.

Steve Mouzon Kris Payne Boyle typical guy behavior! I am it well! ;-)

Elizabeth Dowdle 6 feet between humans is recommended. No hugs.

Ann Daigle I’ll bet most Southerners wouldn’t agree with you. A hug’s a greeting for everyone!

Elizabeth Dowdle Yes, as a southerner, it's a very hard habit to give up due to this social distancing requirement.

Ann Daigle Elizabeth I really feel... disconnected without human touch. It's a proven human need!

Elizabeth Dowdle Ann Daigle I know.

Steve Mouzon You both know a hug is my normal greeting! I’m just hoping we stay alive long enough to be hugging late into life! When something’s life-threatening, I try to figure out how to tell stories that keep life going on.

Christal Deeter Hudson don’t you know it!! we southerners need hugs like food and give hugs, like it or not, want one or not!


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