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   Here’s a concern: many people are saying “I don’t have the coronavirus so I’m OK, even though I have a cold or the flu.” But I don’t think you’re OK. Here’s why: I’m no physician, but I can read. And what I’m reading is that the people who have other health conditions are far more susceptible than those who do not. So it seems to me that spreading even a cold is actually making people you’re spreading it to more at risk than if they were completely healthy. What am I missing?

   Now is therefore a time to do everything you can to be in the best health possible. Eat better stuff. Get lots of steps each day, but in a place that’s not so crowded. Even if you’ve never taken vitamins or other supplements before, do it now. Give yourself a better chance, and also give that better chance to the people you come in contact with.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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Belle Ducray load up on elderberry syrup!

Ken Cousins

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This chart of the 1918 Spanish flu shows why social distancing works

This chart of the 1918 Spanish flu shows why social distancing works

Robert G. Scott I shouldn't be but I'm shocked at the level of self-absorbed people that occupies this sphere. We certainly have lost the concept of caring for our fellow human beings and acting for the greater good. I'm not panicking or living in fear but I do have elderly friends, parents and a MIL in a nursing home on lockdown that I'm very mindful of.

Victoria Lopez Thank you for supporting the vulnerable population that I fall into -- the cardiac patient who is also immunocompromised from an underlying neuro-metabolic disease.

Heather Bram Also, Coronavirus is a cold virus type. So if someone thinks they have a "common" cold, they could in fact be carrying Coronavirus and not know it if their symptoms are not severe. Many people who get it do not know it and therefore spreading it.

Steven Semes You are right to put the emphasis on protecting others. Must of us are not at risk or will recover, but we may infect those much more vulnerable. It's a moral imperative as much as a medical one.

Sally Beaton McIntosh The lily pad example of how Corona Virus spreads. Or why everything looks fine, until it doesn't. From an article from the Washington Post: 
You have a pond of a certain size, and upon that pond, a single lilypad. This particular species of lily pad reproduces once a day, so that on day two, you have two lily pads. On day three, you have four, and so on.
Now the teaser. “If it takes the lily pads 48 days to cover the pond completely, how long will it take for the pond to be covered halfway?”
The answer is 47 days. Moreover, at day 40, you’ll barely know the lily pads are there.

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Steve Mouzon Yes, and that's a VERY big pond! If the lily pads average 1 square foot each, the pond would be bigger than the entire United States! The only pond that's bigger is the one about which Brits sometimes say "I live across the pond," meaning the North Atlantic Ocean. At over 5 million square miles, the lily pad pond would be about ⅛ the size of the North Atlantic Ocean. Shows the fearsome power of exponential growth.

Patti Dale Steve Mouzon to the guy with the frequent flying whom I love dearly, my best advice is to hydrate to the max before and during flight, carry a mask if you can still get one just in case u feel u need it on a given day

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Ann Ashworth One has a responsibility to take care of her own health so as not to place a burden on a system that is in all likelihood going to be overburdened. Two-thirds of us are going to contract this disease.

Nancy Bruning Better to overreact and be wrong, than to under react and be wrong.

Nancy Bruning What’s the worst thing that can happen if you improve your health, so you’re better able to resist infection, or at least deal better with the symptoms?

Steve Mouzon Nancy Bruning umm... IS there a worst thing?

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Nancy Bruning Steve Mouzon haha. Nope.

Jane Peeks All good advice Steve. Taking care of your body, your vehicle through life is what everyone should do. However, I'm an asthmatic - have been since I was born. When others around me are ill, even I they know it or not, I'm at an extreme risk. A common cold usually sends me straight into bronchitis and has progressed to pneumonia on several occasions - even while taking vitamins and supplements regularly. I fall directly into the highest risk category for this virus.

Steve Mouzon Wow, I never knew, Jane! And there are so many with other risk issues. Please be as safe as you can!

Jane Peeks Thank you. I'm as careful as I can be, but I will not succumb to fear. When it's my time, it's my time.

Steve Mouzon Jane be well!

Christal Deeter Hudson Jane Peeks ... I am in the same boat as you are! I’ve had a “common cold” going on 3 weeks now because my immune system is shot already due to pneumonia several times. I’m hydrating, detoxing with Essiac tea and lemon water, drinking elderberry syrup, grape juice, Ningxia Red from Young Living, taking my Usana vitamins and my supplements, even though I’m arthritic I’m trying to take short walks.. staying home... etc!
Everyone just be careful as best you know how.!!!

Kate Siegel Also, you may not *feel* sick, but you could still be infected and contagious.

Steve Mouzon Exactly!

Catherine Hartley Just because one isn’t showing signs of illness doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a carrier. One of the positive people here in Tampa Bay never got sick, but she got a co-worker sick. She had traveled from Italy, connected through Atlanta, and flew into tampa international. God knows how many people she infected. I read a story earlier today about an attorney in New York who infected 50 people (chains through family and friends). We should all be limiting our contact with folks by 6 or more feet.


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