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<Thankfully, this sentiment didn’t last. ~Steve>

   I have not in a long time been closer than today to saying "I'll just leave you with it." Maybe I should just stay off Twitter. But in any case, I'm not seeing a lot of hope that most people will get out of their silos and do the right thing. So I'm wondering if now might be the time to just step back from debates and such, because everyone seems so stuck in their silos that they can't seem to see beyond them. If I can help with something, let me know. If not, I'll stick with the places where I can do some good. Be well, everyone!

   ~Steve Mouzon

Tracy Davis Heisler A lot depends on our indivdual networks, likes, and follows. I've been pleasantly surprised by how many people in my extended network are taking this seriously, following a path of caution, and more concerned about the common good than political posturing. I wish this could be the case for everyone.

Nicole Williams the next two weeks will be rough I think. Its going to either change or soften people or harden them, perhaps both.

Steve Mouzon FWIW, part of the frustration was about an offline architecture discussion. Let’s just leave it at that. Depressing to think about. Good folks ruined by ideology.

Kaid Benfield Learn to let argumentative others have the last word and move on. Works for me.

Steve Mouzon Kaid you're one of the wisest people I know!

Steven Semes This past year has been especially eye-opening, seeing how folks I thought serious and thoughtful descended into ideology or simple bigotry. I don't say that in self-righteousness and have had to admit that I was wrong about some things. Humility is a useful, if rare, attribute.

David Garner I have always been a "think outside the box" person. Now I'm a "think outside the roll of TP" person." Seriously Steve, I like your innovation and contributions to urban living and imo it's living with more freedom.

Theresa Tammy Ryan As long as you two do what you do, that’s what matters. You inspire people, very much.

Peter Annand Have you noticed the use of "conversation" redefined as "keep on talking until you give up and accept my shit as truth"


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