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   The heartbeat of a living tradition is sharing useful stuff with the reasons attached. With the coronavirus pandemic poised to be the most disruptive event in the 60 years I’ve been alive, there is nothing more important about which to share useful information than this pandemic. So for the duration, the Original Green blog will be dedicated to what we hope may be ideas people can use.

   I’ve been posting a lot of things on Facebook and Twitter since March 11, and will transfer those posts here in order of their posting, and complete with all comments, as they have been enormously helpful and I have learned much. And yeah, I’m leaving the funny parts as well because nothing but serious news in a pandemic lowers spirits at a bad time. By all means, please keep the comments coming, and let people know about these posts. I’m hoping this becomes a growing resource of useful stuff. Interestingly, watch how much smarter the discussions get as time goes by; in just 11 days, we seem to be learning stuff. Here’s the first post:


   Things are about to get very strange in the US with COVID-19. The uncertainty of not knowing how much supply chains will break down will now make for a lot of tension. There was a toilet paper riot in Australia today, for example. Could we each take a pledge to be unusually kind to our fellow humans? I'm in; how about you?

   ~Steve Mouzon

   Original Comments on Facebook:

Cynthia Clemons Peacock I’m officially nervous.

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Victoria Lee What’s the deal with toilet paper??? And does anyone know the incubation period? A bunch of us were exposed to international travelers this past weekend, as well as travelers from the 4 corners of the US. Nothing I can find about how long before one would show symptoms. The information forthcoming is dismal. Found some info but, not exactly confidence inspiring.

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Steve Mouzon Yeah, the uncertainty is unsettling, Victoria. I've seen reports of the virus living on inert surfaces for as short as 2 hours and as long as 9 days. The difference between the effects of each is staggering.

Mona Goddard They have been putting people into quarantine for 14 days from the time of last exposure. I would then surmise that the incubation is less than 14 days.
I hope that helps and moreso, I really hope you're going to be just fine Victoria.

John Morrison

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Geoffrey Mouen John Morrison that’s a new kind of supply chain.

Karen Reed

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TUSHY: A Sleek Affordable Bidet Attachment | TUSHY Classic

TUSHY: A Sleek Affordable Bidet Attachment | TUSHY Classic

John Z Wetmore That is a big worry I have -- supply chains. How many industries rely on inputs from overseas? How many industries can continue to function if a handful of skilled employees aren't there to operate the machines? Or if truck stops close and parts can't be delivered? Or paperwork is not being done?

Steve Mouzon The supply chain thing is a real thing. How much stuff that we buy doesn't come from China, for example? And how long have how many of their plants been shut down? It can't help but become an issue before long. Actually, for things like disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer, good luck finding any right now.

Victoria Lee The average person in the U.S. uses about 100 rolls of toilet paper each year. If most of it came from China, this could be a huge problem because supply chains from that country have been severely disrupted as a result of COVID-19.
The U.S., however, imports very little toilet paper – less than 10% in 2017. And most of that comes from Canada and Mexico.

The U.S. has been mass producing toilet paper since the late 1800s. And while other industries like shoe manufacturing have fled the country, toilet paper manufacturing has not. Today there are almost 150 U.S. companies making this product.

Victoria Lee The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the respiratory illness COVID-19, has a median incubation period of 5.1 days, according to a study released late Monday led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. While a shorter incubation period is better to slow the spread of the virus, this estimate also suggests it could be up to two weeks.

This estimated incubation period for COVID-19, is similar to that of SARS-CoV, an outbreak centered in southern China and Hong Kong from 2002–2004. MERS-CoV, a coronavirus that has caused hundreds of cases in the Middle East — with fatality rate of 35%, higher than the estimated rate of 2% to 3.4% for COVID-19 — has a mean incubation period of around 5 to 7 days.

Geoffrey Mouen I’m in too. But I am cancelling all travel plans until further notice. I don’t need to travel or shake hands to be kind to everyone.

Steve Mouzon Very true on both, Geoffrey!

Bruce Stephenson Geoffrey Mouen Was determined to fly to Portland next week, realize the risk is not a calculation but simple logic. On New Testament behavior

Christal Deeter Hudson Geoffrey Mouen ... I cancelled 3 flights on Southwest to CA in July... No refund, only a credit to fly later. I’ve written Congressman Jim Cooper to see if they can get these airlines to refund cancelled travel due to this craziness.

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Eileen Roberts Yes for me!!!

Mona Goddard This is one of the moments that I am glad I live in a farming community. There is still toilet paper, Lysol spray, and disinfecting wipes on the shelves. I did come across an article today, very well presented data, that I think has some important information contained within it. I'm not a fan of inflammatory language or scare tactics.

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Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now

Steve Mouzon Mona, this is by far the most rational and useful information I've seen yet, and I've been following this since the deaths in China were in the teens... late December or early January, if I recall correctly. Everyone should take the time to go through this piece thoroughly. It might save your life, or lives of those you love in your community.

Jane Peeks I'm with you Steve, I'm in.

Laura Clemons Understanding our vulnerability is healthy. This will be good for adjusting to a more resilient way of living.

G.b. Arrington All kinds of shortages in our local Barcelona supermercat- tp, milk, eggs, yogurt gone or very limited

Jaime Izurieta-Varea We’ll have to start relying on local supply chains for much of our daily lives. Kind of like the system rebooting its loss of scale and it is a sad, frightening process. Stay safe, Steve and thanks for these little reminders of the kindness that should flourish now.

Dian Ratcliff Yes!

Lloyd Alter

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Why I spent $1200 on a toilet seat and why you should too

Why I spent $1200 on a toilet seat and why you should too

Mary Elizabeth Yes

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Deb Schultz I'm in

Active Now

Steve Gates Yep.

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Shelia Gilbraith Got TP in the mail today!😃oh wait it was a magazine


Susan Ratliff I’m in…

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Les Mouzon Welcome to the pretext of socialism.

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Steve Mouzon I'd so love it if basic human decency didn't have a political slant. Neighbors helping neighbors was once the American Way. But then everything got politicized and it all went downhill from there. Maybe we can bring a good idea back from the clutches of politics. Maybe? We can hope. I just really loathe politics, because it corrupts everything. I say that equally to my right-leaning and left-leaning friends.

Catherine Hartley Lots of folks from around the country have posted pics of empty shelves. I wasn’t even going to try and shop today. I got a giant NY strip and fingerling potatoes at the fresh market the other day, ate half for dinner tonight and I’ll cook the other half tomorrow. Got a large package of chicken on sale and some broccoli slaw, too. I’ve had plenty of toilet paper stocked up from having instacart delivery while I was sick... not only was it on sale, instacart offers additional coupons if you shop certain brands. I’m good for two weeks at least.

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Wendie Bishop I’m there too

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