CNU 22 - Atypical Building Types

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   These are the speakers and their presentations from the Atypical Building Types session on June 4, 2014 at CNU 22 in Buffalo. Thanks to the Congress for the New Urbanism for allowing us to film and post these videos!

David Kim

   David lays out the basic principles of the “Form Follows Finance Fourplex” and other highly flexible and affordable mixed-use building types he is working out with John Anderson.

Murphy Antoine

   Murphy describes Torti Gallas’ work with “Super Wood” buildings, which are concrete podiums with 4-5 story wood structures above.

Eric Moser

   Originally slated to be presented by Julie Sanford, Eric Moser steps through Julie’s work on Eco-Dweller units, and also some of Studio Sky’s work in Belize.

Steve Maun

   Steve Maun describes spec house challenges post-Meltdown, and describes ways in which modular construction can be part of the solution.

Robert Orr

   Robert describes his development of some very innovative urban building types, all of which are designed to “pencil out better than a parking lot,” which is actually a major challenge in many small cities and towns.

Andrew Frey

   Andrew takes on the challenges of building townhouses in Miami, a city where this building type is rare. The new Miami21 code by DPZ makes it easier, but there are still a number of challenges on a multitude of existing lots in Miami.

Steve Mouzon

   Here’s my session, where I lay out several thoughts on maker spaces that I haven’t heard discussed until now, and then show some of our SmartDwelling work in Belize.

Panel Discussion

   This is the panel discussion between all of the panelists plus organizers Frank Starkey, Mike Watkins, and the audience.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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