CNU 22 - The Next American Urbanism

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   The Next American Urbanism session at CNU 22 in Buffalo is a produced by the Next Urbanism group, which sprung out of NextGen. Thanks to the Congress for the New Urbanism for allowing us to film and post these videos!

Russ Preston

   Russ Preston leads off the Next American Urbanism session by laying out the Project for the Next American Urbanism.

Edward Erfurt

   Edward Erfurt proclaims that the suburban experiment is over, and that we need to look back at how America was first built, without debt and with a greater variety of choice.

Karja Hansen

   Karja Hansen discusses the virtue of civicism, how it was lost, and how it can be regained in American culture in part through the networking in the built environment.

Jennifer Krouse

   Jennifer Krouse looks at how the economies of scale upon which we have based urbanism for so long can run counter to cities’ abilities to be agile.

Kerry Hayes

   Kerry Hayes looks at causes of urban fragility today, and how they can grow more agile, based on his work in Memphis.

Kenny Craft

   Kenny Craft documents our decline into “mediocritecture,” and looks at how our built environment might reacquire living traditions again.

Eliza Harris

   Eliza Harris zooms in on the streets and civic spaces that make up most of our civic realm, and shows how we can re-balance them between the people and the cars.

Bruce Donnelly

   Bruce Donnelly’s segment on reason, platforms, and comity is partly prognostication and part goal-setting.


   Here’s the discussion between presenters and audience that wrapped up the session.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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