Securable Places

Securable Places are those in which you can live safely without undue fear of being injured or killed by other people or by wild animals, and where your home is safe from those that would pillage it. Securable Places once built walls to assist in repelling armed attackers. These walls also caused a sharp inflection in property values, because a home just inside the wall was clearly of much greater value than a home just outside. This helped preserve farmland outside the gates and make the place a Nourishable Place.

Today, the problem is more complex because those most likely to do you physical harm or to steal your belongings are not armed bands from a nearby town, but rather individuals or small teams of criminals that operate largely out of sight rather than storming the gates. But it is no less important to figure this out, because how can a place be considered sustainable if people abandon it because of fear?

Gated subdivisions are the current popular solution, but they fail miserably to create a community on too many counts to discuss here. There are other ideas, but much work clearly remains to be done in order to learn how to build Securable Places that are great places to live, work, shop, play, and visit. But once we succeed in figuring out how to build Secure Places again, then we will create the added benefit of making places that are identifiable against the rolling sameness of sprawl that renders the neighborhoods of cities from Denver to Des Moines to Dallas to Durham indistinguishable one from another.




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