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Original Green Foundations

The Original Green is built on sustainable places filled with sustainable buildings and inhabited by sustainable societies. Each of these three realms has four foundations. Click any foundation icon below to go directly to that foundation.

Sustainable Places

First, we must build sustainable places, because it does not matter what the carbon footprint of a building is if you have to drive everywhere in order to live or work there. Sustainable places should be Nourishable, Accessible, Serviceable, and Securable.

They should be Nourishable because if you can't eat there someday, you can't live there. They should be Accessible because we need many ways of getting around, especially the self-propelled means of walking and cycling. They should be Serviceable because we need to be able to walk to basic services and make a living where we're living if we choose to. They should be Securable because if there is too much insecurity, the people will leave.

Sustainable Buildings

Only after the place has been made sustainable is it meaningful to discuss sustainable buildings. Sustainable buildings should be Lovable, Durable, Adaptable, and Frugal.

Buildings should be Lovable because if they can't be loved, they won't last. They should be Durable in order to carry their lovability deep into an uncertain future. They should be Adaptable because if they endure, they will need to be used for many uses over the centuries, some of which don't even exist today. They should be Frugal because energy hogs will be very difficult to sustain long into an uncertain future.

Sustainable Society

Sustainable places and buildings alone do not assure societies valuing life and liberty, and pursuing happiness within them. Rome is one of many examples of places that were sustained for centuries, then were reduced to a shadow of their former selves or lost entirely because of the loss of a sustainable society within. Sustainable societies should have strong education, economy, culture, and wellness.

Strong education is essential, else a society may collapse from lack of both knowledge and wisdom; know-how and know-why. Strong education is a pillar of a place's strong economy, which is a bulwark against impoverishment. If the people are economically secure enough to have some leisure time, they can build local culture in many venues, from food and music to the arts. A society with strong education, economy, and culture is still fragile to collapse if lifespans are short, so a strong tradition of wellness is essential to a sustainable society.

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