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These links include a number of different types of organizations, grouped first by type and then alphabetically within types. Advocacy organizations are those which have been set up to promote sets of ideals. Educational organizations include private institutes and the like set up to focus on a particular aspect of education. Universities and colleges that are included have programs with a specific focus on New Urbanism. We have included both hardcopy publications, and also blogs and webzines, as well as discussion listservs. The list will eventually include a selection of places which illustrate New Urbanist principles in exemplary fashion. We have included a number of useful general reference sites, including culinary links that support the idea of Nourishable Places in some way.

Advocacy Organizations

Center for Applied Transect Studies

CATS is the nerve center of the study and implementation of the Transect, which has largely become the operating system of the New Urbanism in recent years.

Congress for the New Urbanism

The Congress for the New Urbanism advocates for an extremely important collection of community-building principles. They work with architects, developers, planners, and others involved in the creation of cities and towns, teaching them how to implement the principles of the New Urbanism. These principles include coherent regional planning, walkable neighborhoods, and attractive, accommodating civic spaces.

Council for European Urbanism

The Council for European Urbanism is a parallel organization to the Congress for the Urbanism that focuses on urbanism in Europe.


The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism is a world wide organization dedicated to the support of traditional building, the maintenance of local character and the creation of better places to live. They are creating an active network of individuals and institutions who design, make, maintain, study or enjoy traditional building, architecture and places. They are sponsored by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

National Town Builders Association

The NTBA is a group of Town Founders committed to the development of great places consistent with the principles of the New Urbanism.


The Next Generation of the New Urbanism is a group of young urbanists and architects.

Pattern Language

The Pattern Language site is a resource that follows up on Christopher Alexander's The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language books.

US Green Building Council

The US GBC is the sponsor of the LEED standards, which have become the de facto measure of environmental sustainability in the built environment.

Educational Organizations

Institute of Classical Architecture/Classical America

The Institute of Classical Architecture/Classical America sponsors a number of educational programs and activities designed to perpetuate the cultural memory of the past as a resource for architectural issues in the present.

Knight Program in Community Building

The Knight Program is based at the University of Miami School of architecture and is dedicated to advancement of the knowledge and practice of effective community-building. They sponsor mid-career fellowships and hold a number of workshops and charrettes each year.

National Charrette Institute

The National Charrette Institute is dedicated to the education of professionals and community leaders in the fine points of the charrette urban design process.

Permaculture Institute

The Permaculture Institute is a non-profit educational organization that aggregates and distributes information and resources concerning the practice of permaculture.

The Prince's Foundation for Building Community

The Prince's Foundation is sponsored by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The Foundation is an educational charity that exists to improve the quality of people's lives by teaching and practicing timeless ways of building. They also put on an outstanding series of seminars and workshops in England.

The Prince's Drawing School

The Prince's Drawing School is a sister organization to the Prince's Foundation.

Seaside Institute

Seaside, Florida is the "Town of the Century" that began a worldwide revolution in town planning. The Seaside Institute puts on excellent seminars and workshops across the United States.

Universities & Colleges

American College of the Building Arts

The American College of the Building Arts is the only licensed college in America that offers an associates and a baccalaureate degree in applied sciences (building arts). ACBA is dedicated to educating the next generations of building artisans and preserving the building arts in a manner never before seen in America.

Andrews University

The Division of Architecture at Andrews University teaches both traditional architecture and urbanism. They have a principle-based curriculum rather than a faculty-based curriculum, which likely accounts for many of the great strides they have made in recent years.

Judson University

The Department of Architecture at Judson University is the newcomer in this group. For years, they had one advocate for the New Urbanism on the faculty, but today, they appear to be crossing over to a critical mass of faculty.

University of Miami

The University of Miami School of Architecture has long stood at the forefront of New Urbanist education. Led for years by New Urbanism founder Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, the School has hosted numerous initiatives and much research into questions vital to the New Urbanism.

University of Notre Dame

The School of Architecture at Notre Dame has been at the vanguard of classical architectural education for years. They are to classical architecture what Miami is to urbanism. They also teach traditional urbanism, just as Miami also teaches classical architecture.

Professional Organizations

American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects website is a tremendous resource for general architectural information.

American Institute of Building Design

The American Institute of Building Design aggregates building designers, and has recently taken significant leadership in helping educate designers on many issues important to the New Urbanism.


New Urban News

New Urban News is an essential professional newsletter for planners, developers, architects, builders, public officials and others who are interested in the creation of human-scale communities.

Old House Journal

Launched in 1973, Old-House Journal is one of the pioneer publications dedicated to traditional architecture. It is a bi-monthly special interest title for old-house owners and enthusiasts, as well as for professionals who restore and renovate older homes.

Period Homes

Period Homes, like Traditional Building Magazine, began as a periodical catalog of building resources, except that it focused entirely on homes. But both have grown far beyond that beginning, and now include a range of intriguing and informative articles.

Traditional Building Magazine

Traditional Building Magazine is one of the best sources we know for classical & traditional building products & methods.


A Vision of Europe

A Vision of Europe is an international association promoting debate on the city, its architecture and the urban environment.


This outstanding resource is the product of green building pioneer Alex Wilson and a small band of colleagues.


Grist is a broad webzine, delving into issues from climate and energy to food, living, placemaking, and more.


Katarxis is an excellent webzine dedicated to New Traditional Architecture and Urbanism. It focuses on both vernacular and classical expression of the humanist heritage.


Planetizen is one of the longest-running webzines devoted to the design of the built environment.

Project for Public Spaces

The Project for Public Spaces site is a collection of resources for the creation of great public spaces.


This webzine is the best combination of excellence and depth you'll find out there dealing with sustainability issues. TreeHugger has long advocated for Original Green principles.


Civitas Chronicles

Clem Labine was a restoration and renovation advocate as far back as the 1960s. He founded a number of publications along the way and started the Traditional Building Show; Restore Media inherited his legacy, leaving him free to blog about the issues for which he has advocated all along.

Creative Class

Richard Florida blogs about place-making issues centered around his landmark proposition that the "creative class" is altering the paradigms around which we build and rebuild cities.

James Howard Kunstler

Jim Kunstler is the Agitator-In-Chief of the New Urbanism. You may agree with him or you may not, but his fiery speeches and explosive writing simply cannot be ignored. His books are New Urban classics; the Eyesore of the Month feature on his website will probably leave you laughing as you cringe.

Kaid Benfield

Kaid blogs for the Natural Resources Defense Council's Switchboard. Kaid has long been a friend of the New Urbanism, and more recently, of Original Green principles.

PlaceShakers and NewsMakers

This blog is a joint effort of the partners at PlaceMakers, with occasional guest posts. It is provocative and wide-ranging, from the comic to the analytical. Well worth the read.


StrongTowns is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization focused on land use patterns. Its blog is written by Charles Marohn, a self-professed "recovering civil engineer."

The View from Rome

Steve Semes is a provocative author and blogger on issues that bridge past and present. Steve is also a member of the New Urban Guild.

Veritas et Venustas

John Massengale was the first notable New Urbanist blogger, starting years before most of us even knew what Web 2.0 meant. He updates it frequently, setting a high standard for fresh and interesting information. John was an early Town Architect at Seaside and is a published author, and a member of the New Urban Guild.

Discussion Groups


The ProUrb listserv is a moderated discussion of issues dealing with and surrounding the New Urbanism. Its moderator insists on a high level of discourse and does not allow any single participant to dominate the discussion.


This listserv is dedicated to the discussion of the theory and practice of traditional architecture. Its membership is open.


Urbanists focuses on the New Urbanism, but is much freer-ranging than ProUrb, and essentially unmoderated. Together, they make a good pair.


Census Data Over Google Maps

This site is a scrollable, zoomable Google map of the United States with census data attached so that one can instantly determine the population and number of housing units in a particular map window.

Eat Local

This site is one of many that are trying to reduce the mileage of the "1,500 mile Caesar salad."

Local Harvest

The freshest, healthiest, most flavorful organic food is what's grown closest to you. Use this website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

New Urban Timeline

The Timeline is a searchable database that records key events in the history of the New Urbanism, as well as historical influences dating back as far as the 19th century.

Nolli Map Website

The Nolli Web Site presents the legendary 1748 Nolli map of Rome as a dynamic, interactive, hands-on tool. The public now has access to cataloged information about the map in both written and graphical form. It also overlays the map with current satellite imagery, allowing the user to toggle back and forth.

Project for Public Spaces

The Project for Public Spaces site is a collection of resources for the creation of great public spaces.

Slow Food

Founded in Italy in 1986, Slow Food is an international association that promotes food and wine culture, but also defends food and agricultural biodiversity worldwide. It opposes the standardization of taste, defends the need for consumer information, protects cultural identities tied to food and gastronomic traditions, safeguards foods and cultivation and processing techniques inherited from tradition and defend domestic and wild animal and vegetable species.

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