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These patterns are things that occur repeatedly in sustainable architecture and urbanism, and the society that inhabits them. Select category of patterns below or select All to reset.

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Capturing Tiny Spaces

night nook under a stairway

A house can live much larger than its square footage if it recaptures little nooks and crannies that are normally thrown away. This space, for example, is a night nook just off the couple's suite where if one of a couple is sleeping, the other can slip away to read or work without annoying their partner. And it's all built under a stairwell, in space that's normally completely wasted. If you're over 6 feet tall, you can't even stand up where the desk is… but you don't need to, of course. And the refrigerator to the left is tucked under part of the stair that's even lower.

Townhouse Siding

siding-clad townhouse at end of block at New Town at St. Charles near St. Louis, Missouri

Most townhouses in a block should be clad in brick or stucco on masonry for fire resistance but some can be siding, especially on the end. Depending on your market, cladding cost savings can pay for things like windows in the end walls to make that block face interesting.

These townhouses are at New Town at St. Charles, near St. Louis, Missouri.

Townhouse Thrift

street face of a block of townhouses at New Town at St. Charles

New Town townhouses were detailed for affordable dignity in patterns long-loved locally. When you're building attached units, the long walls are shared with neighbors so you can afford a nicer front with little impact on total price.

New Town at St. Charles is in St. Charles, Missouri, not far from St. Louis, and was designed by DPZ.