Primary Credits

Lovable Buildings

Reflect Us

LoB-R-HF: human form

LoB-R-HH: human hand

LoB-R-RC: regional culture

LoB-R-NC: national culture

Delight Us

LoB-D-HS: human senses

LoB-D-HG: human groups

LoB-D-Me: memory delight

LoB-D-In: intellectual delight

LoB-D-Sh: sheltering delight

LoB-D-Ch: challenging delight

Put Us in Harmony

LoB-H-Pr: proportional harmony

LoB-H-Si: harmony of simplicity

LoB-H-Au: harmony of authenticity

LoB-H-NP: harmony with natural processes

LoB-H-NL: harmony with natural laws

LoB-H-NF: harmony with natural forms

LoB-H-Re: harmony with the region

Durable Buildings


DuB-P-CP: commodity products

DuB-P-RP: repairable & patchable

DuB-P-SA: shell attachment

DuB-P-SC: stretch carbon

DuB-P-SO: self-evident operation

DuB-P-ME: margin of error


DuB-T-RR: rot & rust

DuB-T-MM: mold & mildew

DuB-T-Wi: wind

DuB-T-Fi: fire

DuB-T-Fl: flood


DuB-E-FE: floor elevation

DuB-E-WB: wall base

DuB-E-RF: roof form

DuB-E-RS: roof slope

DuB-E-RO: roof overhang

DuB-E-RE: roof eave

DuB-E-OP: opening protection

DuB-E-PP: pier protection

DuB-E-CP: column protection

DuB-E-BS: balcony support

Adaptable Buildings


AdB-D-NU: non-specific use

AdB-D-SM: simple massing

AdB-D-SC: simple circulation

AdB-D-CH: ceiling height

AdB-D-MG: multi-generation

AdB-D-TB: tiny building

AdB-D-LB: lovable building


AdB-E-PS: proximity to street

AdB-E-MP: minimum parking


AdB-I-SC: service chases

AdB-I-Re: recyclable interior

AdB-I-PS: portable storage

AdB-I-SF: shell flexibility

AdB-I-SW: shelf walls

Frugal Buildings


FrB-P-HC: human conditioning

FrB-P-SB: small beginning

FrB-P-SS: smaller & smarter

FrB-P-LW: light wings

FrB-P-MP: material processing

FrB-P-RR: recycling & reuse

FrB-P-MU: multiple uses


FrB-M-La: landscape materials

FrB-M-RR: rapidly renewable materials

FrB-M-Re: regional materials

FrB-M-DS: durable shell


FrB-A-TV: targeted ventilation

FrB-A-VW: ventilating windows

FrB-A-EB: electric breeze

FrB-A-Ex: exhaust

FrB-A-EB: exterior breeze-catcher


FrB-E-Or: orientation

FrB-E-SO: south-facing outdoors

FrB-E-RR: reflective roofing

FrB-E-CH: ceiling height

FrB-E-DL: day-lighting

FrB-E-GE: green envelope

FrB-E-LD: laundry drying

FrB-E-EL: exterior lighting

FrB-E-EE: efficient equipment

FrB-E-AC: active energy collection


FrB-W-SI: site irrigation

FrB-W-RR: rainwater reuse

FrB-W-GR: greywater reuse

FrB-W-PC: personal cooling

Secondary Credits

Nourishable Places

Garden Types

NoP-T-EG: edge yard garden type

NoP-T-CG: courtyard garden type

NoP-T-RG: roof garden type

NoP-T-AG: arbor garden type

NoP-T-WG: wall garden type

NoP-T-BG: balcony garden type

NoP-T-Wi: window garden type


NoP-E-Co: compost

NoP-E-TS: tool shed

Accessible Places


AcP-P-PL: parking location

AcP-P-RA: rear access

AcP-P-SE: street enclosure

AcP-P-FO: front openings

AcP-P-VC: view changes

AcP-P-SS: sitting on the street


AcP-E-ST: street trees

AcP-E-GS: gift to the street

AcP-E-Si: sidewalk

AcP-E-SE: sidewalk edge

AcP-E-BP: bicycle parking

AcP-E-AP: automobile parking

AcP-E-SS: sidewalk shelter

AcP-E-SC: side street corner

Serviceable Places

Building Types

SrP-T-LW: live-workshop

SrP-T-LS: live-shop

SrP-T-LO: live-office

SrP-T-TB: tiny building

SrP-T-AD: accessory dwelling

SrP-T-MP: multiplex

Securable Places


ScP-P-ES: eyes on the street

ScP-P-SF: securable front

ScP-P-SV: side view

ScP-P-IP: inhabitable porch

ScP-P-LB: lovable building

ScP-P-SC: securable center

ScP-P-NC: neighborhood civic space

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