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The following people tweet on a broad range of subjects that may be of interest to those who value the principles of the Original Green. They are arranged by their primary disciplines, although many of them are generalists, adept at many things. Several could reasonable be put in a number of these categories, but they're listed in only one each for brevity. Original Green originator and New Urban Guild founder Steve Mouzon is @stevemouzon.


  • @Farmer_D
    Daron “Farmer D” Joffe is a noted organic/biodynamic farmer and agricultural evangelist.
  • @Gil_lopez
    Gil Lopez is a landscape designer and local food activist in Orlando.


  • @3north
    New Urban Guild architect David Rau is a principal of 3 North.
  • @archy_type
    Cormac Phalen is an art, architecture, and coffee critic.
  • @BrownDesignStd
    Eric Brown is a New Urban Guild architect in Beaufort, South Carolina.
  • @cghfranck
    Christine Franck is a New Urban Guild architect and educator from New York.
  • @classicist
    The Institute of Classical Art & Architecture is a joint effort of several people at the Institute.
  • @Cooper_Designs
    Chad Cooper is a New Urban Guild architect in Houston.
  • @DinoMarcantonio
    Dino Marcantonio is a classical architect in New York and an instructor at Yale.
  • @EdwardKeegan
    Ed Keegan is a Chicago architect, Notre Dame adjunct professor, and editor of ARCHITECT.
  • @HistoricalArch
    Historical Concepts is an architectural firm in Peachtree City, Georgia.
  • @jmassengale
    John Massengale is a noted blogger and classical architect in New York.
  • @johncluver
    John Cluver is an architect and preservationist in Philadelphia.
  • @Kenny_Craft
    Kenny Craft is a New Urban Guild architect and Town Architect at South Main.
  • @maison_orion
    Scott Gustafson is an architect and urbanist in Denver.
  • @Moserdesign
    Eric Moser is a New Urban Guild architect from Beaufort, South Carolina.
  • @NewUrbArchitect
    Brandt Hay is an architect in Celebration, Florida.
  • @Rogersarchitect
    Christian Rogers is an architect in Mountain Brook, Alabama.
  • @russellpreston
    Russ Preston is an architect and urbanist in Providence, Rhode Island.
    Greg Shue is an architect on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina.
  • @stevemouzon
    Steve Mouzon is the originator of the Original Green and the founder of the New Urban Guild.
  • @urbanverse
    Cindy FrewenWuellner is architect, futurist, urban designer & rhetorician in Kansas City.
  • @VictorVitruvius
    Victor Deupi is an architectural designer, writer, and educator in Darien, Connecticut.

Authors, Bloggers, and Writers

  • @GreenCurmudgeon
    Carl Seville is a green building writer, speaker, and teacher.
  • @Greg_Lindsay
    Greg Lindsay is an author and Fast Company writer.
  • @JanesWalkPhx
    Yuri Artibise focuses on the life and work of Jane Jacobs in this stream.
  • @Kaid_at_NRDC
    Kaid Benfield is the Director of Sustainable Communities at the NRDC.
  • @knowthankyou
    Rob Branch-Dasch is a “Primordial Soup American” and vegan.
  • @larrygarnett
    Larry Garnett is a New Urbanist author and expert on stock home plan design.
  • @MattDellinger
    Matt Dellinger is a writer, community gardener, and author (Interstate 69) in Brooklyn.
  • @Paul_Anater
    Paul Anater is a writer, designer, blogger, and speaker in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • @Richard_Florida
    Richard Florida is an author (Creative Class, Great Reset, etc.,) Urbanist & Professor.
  • @SprawlRepairMnl
    Galina Tachieva is author of the Sprawl Repair Manual & a Principal at DPZ.
  • @WalkableDFW
    Patrick Kennedy writes the Walkable DFW blog from Dallas, of course.


  • @geoffreydgraham
    Geoff Graham is a New Urbanist and founder of Guild Quality.
  • @urbanscale
    Alana Armstrong is a construction professional & sustainability advocate in Portland, Oregon.


  • @BrianDiSab
    Brian DiSabatino is New Urbanist developer in Delaware.
  • @GoSouthlands
    This Twitter stream grew out of the Southlands project near Vancouver and focuses on New Urbanism.
  • @GrantHumphreys
    Grant Humphreys is a New Urbanist Town Founder (Carlton Landing) in Oklahoma.
  • @pfrench99
    Peter French is a New Urban developer in central Texas.
  • @south_main
    Dustin Urban is a world-class kayaker & marketing director of South Main in Colorado.


  • @PrincesFound
    The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment is a patronage of Prince Charles focused on building highly sustainable places and buildings.


  • @clmarohn
    Charles Marohn is a New Urbanist and “recovering civil engineer.”

Interior Design

  • @modenus
    Veronika Miller is an interior designer and network-builder for the design community.

Landscape Architecture

  • @JO_Urbanist
    John Olson is a landscape architect and urbanist in Colorado.
  • @Todd_BDG
    Todd Bonnet is a New Urbanist landscape architect and planner in Orlando.


  • @Denese_Bottrell
    Denese Bottrell is a content marketer with a keen eye for design.


  • @andres_duany
    Andrés Duany is one of the founders of the New Urbanism and principal at DPZ.
  • @BFDonnelly
    Bruce Donnelly is an urbanist in Cleveland.
  • @blackurbanist
    Kristen Jeffers is a blogger and an urban planning & development advocate.
  • @ccoletta
    Carol Coletta is president and CEO of CEOs for Cities in Chicago.
  • @CivicByDesign
    Civic By Design is a group Twitter stream by DPZ’s Charlotte office.
  • @cnunextgen
    CNU NextGen is a joint stream by Eliza Harris, Mike Lydon, Matt Lambert, and Russ Preston.
  • @cnuopensource
    Jennifer Hurley tweets to the CNU Open Source stream.
  • @Edward_Erfurt
    Edward Erfurt is an urban designer from Jensen Beach, Florida.
  • @GalinaTachieva
    Galina Tachieva is the author of the Sprawl Repair Manual and a principal at DPZ.
  • @gosner
    George Osner is an urban planner in Modesto, California.
  • @hblackson
    Howard Blackson is a principal of PlaceMakers, a planning firm specializing in the SmartCode.
  • @hborys
    Hazel Borys is also a principal of PlaceMakers, a planning firm specializing in the SmartCode.
  • @JenHurPlanner
    Jennifer Hurley is a New Urbanist planner and principal of Hurley-Franks & Associates.
  • @jlangem
    Josh Martin is a planner in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • @KarjaCH
    Karja Hansen is a “Disciple+GalFriday” at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.
  • @mallorybaches
    Mallory Baches is a New Urbanist planner and architect from Beaufort, South Carolina.
  • @mikelydon
    Mike Lydon is a noted bicycle expert and urbanist in New York.
  • @mitchell_silver
    Mitchell Silver is President of the American Planning Association.
  • @mjl_urbanist
    Matt Lambert is a principal at DPZ.
  • @moulepolyzoides
    Liz Moule & Stefanos Polyzoides are two of the founders of the New Urbanism.
  • @myurbangen
    Eliza Harris is a planner in Orlando, and also a leader of NextGen.
  • @newurbandesign
    Jaydean Boldt is a principal of New Urban Design Group in Calgary.
  • @NewUrbanism
    This is the Twitter stream of the Congress for the New Urbanism.
  • @oskeewowza
    Zach Borders is a planner and urban designer in Chicago.
  • @RomeroArch
    Michael Romero is an urbanist at the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment in London.
    Ron Rancourt is a Transition Towns advocate in Ottawa.
  • @srlawton
    Steve Lawton is the Organizer of the Northern California Chapter of the CNU.
  • @StrongTowns
    Strong Towns is a non-profit, non-partisan advocate for better land use patterns.
  • @TracyDavis
    Tracy Davis is a planning commissioner & civic blogger in Northfield, Minnesota.
  • @urbandanb
    Dan Bartman is an urbanist and planner in Boston.
  • @urbanmatt
    Matt Cole is an advocate for strong neighborhoods, adaptive reuse & sustainability in Chicago.
  • @YuriArtibise
    Yuri Artibise is a public policy analyst, placemaker & #community builder in Phoenix.


  • @HistoricShed
    Jo-Ann Peck is a preservationist in Brooksville, Florida.


  • @ebkent
    Ethan Kent is Vice President at Project for Public Spaces.
  • @Halbur
    Tim Halbur is the managing editor of Planetizen, a web-based public-interest information interchange.
  • @livingurbanism
    Living Urbanism is a joint project by the founders of
  • @lloydalter
    Lloyd Alter is a senior writer for TreeHugger and Planet Green; also Professor at Ryerson University.
  • @newurbannetwork
    The New Urban Network is the web presence of New Urban News.
  • @planetizen
    Planetizen is a long-running e-zine dealing with sustainability and urban issues.
  • @PPS_Placemaking
    The Project for Public Spaces is an international planning, design & advocacy organization.
  • @RestoreMedia
    Restore Media is a magazine & digital publisher & traditional design trade show operator.
  • @TreeHugger
    TreeHugger is a media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.

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