Volume 1, Issue 1

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Wellness Lenses of the Original Green

Original Green Blog - 10 DEC 20

   It's obvious that places and buildings we build can affect our bodies' health; unwalkable places are a major culprit in obesity, for example. But did you ever think how they could also affect our mental health, or even the health of our spirits? Explore these possibilities in this post.

Let's Get Small: Placemaking as Antidote for Shrinking City Budgets

PlaceShakers and NewsMakers - 10 DEC 10

   Most cities can't afford to sprawl any longer. This excellent post puts it all together in compelling fashion. Must-read.

30 Years After Adopting a Mystery

Original Green Blog - 10 NOV 16

   What happens when you take a mystery home with you, and feed it, and give it a place to live? It might take decades, but if you don't let the mystery die, it just might open your eyes to groundbreaking insights someday. 

Sustainable Places: Where the Healing Can Begin

Kaid Benfield's Blog - 10 NOV 03

   This post weaves together a riveting case for healing ourselves and our places by designing and repairing them (and us) differently than we've done heretofore. Chock-full of great resource links.


The Coming Golden Age of Great Necessities

Original Green Blog - 10 OCT 18

   Until recently, we've been wealthier than ever before, but we've built some of the most wretched and unsustainable places in human history. This post lays out the reasons why the great necessities before us that look so daunting just might be the seeds of greatness.


What Should Students Do Now?

Original Green Blog - 10 OCT 16

   As the profession of architecture lies in smoking ruins, most students are confronting the fact that they have no chance of getting the job they want. But this just might be the best thing that could have happened to them; this post charts a path through this disaster towards leadership in the profession that emerges.


The Luxury of Small

Original Green Blog - 10 AUG 11

   Even if the Urge for Big hadn't helped cause the Meltdown, it's still a horrible idea because it leads toward the Poverty of Large. This chronology of consumption tells a national story, but is also my own story as well.

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