Original Green Hope for Architecture at CNU21 Unsanctioned

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   This is the entire lightning-paced joint session I did with Clay Chapman at CNU21 Unsacntioned at the Peery Hotel in Salt Lake City. I covered the big picture of the Original Green at the blistering pace of just over 5 slides per minute… first time I've ever done that. And Clay closed out with the awesome work that he's doing to pull off the unthinkable: build a loadbearing masonry house designed to last a thousand years, and do it at a cost that regular people can afford. The first one was around $150 per square foot, but he believes he can get it down to $85 per square foot soon. This changes everything!

   A special thanks to Justin Burslie of the StrongTowns Network and to StrongTowns founder Chuck Marohn for filming the presentation! Please be sure to visit their StrongTowns Network, where you'll find some of the most vibrant and incisive discussions on sustainable urbanism taking place today.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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