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   These are the speakers and their presentations from the Build Maine conference in Lewiston, Maine on November 6, 2014. Thanks to Build Maine and the Congress for the New Urbanism Maine for allowing us to film and post these videos!

Edward Barrett

This is Lewiston City Administrator Edward Barrett’s welcome message and talk on the current economic conditions of the city and the region.

Kevin Bunker

Kevin Bunker of Developers’ Collaborative discusses the state of development in Maine.

Jeremiah Bartlett

Wow, is this guy ever a surprise and a treat! Jeremiah Bartlett is a municipal transportation engineer from Portland who actually gets it about street width, speed, and many other things. We need more Jeremiah Bartletts in America!

Jeff Speck

Jeff Speck, author of Walkable City, talks about walkability and how to achieve it in this keynote presentation. Jeff really nails the fact that walkability is the key to both social and economic vitality in a city.

Chuck Marohn

Chuck Marohn’s essential Strong Towns presentation lays bare how America has sold its future to sprawl, pushing us to the edge of unthinkable economic consequences.

George Proakis

George Proakis discusses the state of city planning, and some of the recent advances that make for better places.

Steve Mouzon

Here’s my presentation on small scale infill. It builds on the Sprawl Recovery toolkit.

Victor Dover

Victor Dover closes the day with an excellent presentation on community engagement.

Hope you enjoy these! Build Maine is happening again in late May. If you’re in New England, you should go.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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