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Living Traditions

Living Traditions are the operating systems of the Original Green. A Living Tradition evolves from generation to generation to meet the needs of the day. Dead #tradition is a book of rules. Anti-tradition is a book of prohibitions. A Living Tradition is a dance between young and old, and known and mysterious.

There is no architecture more modern than that which is a product of a living tradition because many minds continually update it, but it is truly traditional, not just traditional-style, as well. Bring living traditions back to life and the #architecture religious wars can end.

A habit is something we do repeatedly because of weakness. A tradition is something we do repeatedly because of love.

Test tools & practices with this question: if we died tomorrow, how long would these things continue on their own? Movements begin on the backs of champions, but continue when they take on a life of their own and spread, even after the champions are gone.

Living Tradition rule #1: It is far more effective to sow seeds and nourish them into something that can then spread on its own without you than to do something that dies with you. The ultimate goal of every specialist should be to make themselves unnecessary someday.

A #tradition at its core is the assembled wisdom of a culture about things known to work well in a particular discipline such as urbanism or architecture. Those who oppose traditions oppose stuff that works.

A dead tradition is one where people simply follow rituals because it was handed down to them by their parents, and things no longer change. A #LivingTradition is one where people are still figuring out new things within the core principles of the tradition.

Any idea, so long as its expression remains obscure, is unlikely to spread very far. A true #LivingTradition is broadly understood by its participants.

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