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Original Green Scorecard - Building Module

Some of the credits below are actually categories of credits, containing several credits within them. If you are familiar with Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language, you may notice several credits below which originated with his work. So the Building module isn't just a green rating system; it is also a sustainable design checklist and also a stealth pattern language calibrated to the region. We'll see later where the Neighborhood module is also a business plan.

Primary Credits

Lovable Buildings

Reflect Us

LoB-R-HF: Human Form
LoB-R-HH: Human Hand
LoB-R-RC: Regional Culture
LoB-R-NC: National Culture

Delight Us

LoB-D-SS: Sense of Sight
LoB-D-SW: Sense of Warmth
LoB-D-SC: Sense of Cool
LoB-D-So: Sense of Sound
LoB-D-Sm: Sense of Smell
LoB-D-HG: Human Groups
LoB-D-Me: Memory Delight
LoB-D-In: Intellectual Delight
LoB-D-Sh: Sheltering Delight
LoB-D-Ch: Challenging Delight

Put Us in Harmony

LoB-H-Pr: Proportional Harmony
LoB-H-Si: Harmony of Simplicity
LoB-H-Au: Harmony of authenticity
LoB-H-NP: Harmony with Natural Processes
LoB-H-NL: Harmony with Natural Laws
LoB-H-NF: Harmony with Natural Forms
LoB-H-Re: Harmony with the Region

Durable Buildings


DuB-P-CP: Commodity Products
DuB-P-RP: Repairable & Patchable
DuB-P-SA: Shell Attachment
DuB-P-SC: Stretch Carbon
DuB-P-SO: Self-Evident Operation
DuB-P-ME: Margin of Error
DuB-P-EL: Extended Life


DuB-T-RR: Rot & Rust
DuB-T-MM: Mold & Mildew
DuB-T-Wi: Wind
DuB-T-Fi: Fire
DuB-T-Fl: Flood


DuB-E-FE: Floor Elevation
DuB-E-WB: Wall Base
DuB-E-RF: Roof Form
DuB-E-RS: Roof Slope
DuB-E-RO: Roof Overhang
DuB-E-RE: Roof Eave
DuB-E-OP: Opening Protection
DuB-E-PP: Pier Protection
DuB-E-CP: Column Protection
DuB-E-BS: Balcony Support

Adaptable Buildings


AdB-D-NU: Non-Specific Use
AdB-D-SM: Simple Massing
AdB-D-SC: Simple Circulation
AdB-D-CH: Ceiling Height
AdB-D-MG: Multi-Generation
AdB-D-TB: Tiny Building
AdB-D-LB: Lovable Building


AdB-E-PS: Proximity to Street
AdB-E-MP: Minimum Parking


AdB-I-SC: Service Chases
AdB-I-Re: Recyclable Interior
AdB-I-PS: Portable Storage
AdB-I-SF: Shell Flexibility
AdB-I-SW: Shelf Walls

Frugal Buildings


FrB-P-HC: Human Conditioning
FrB-P-SB: Small Beginning
FrB-P-SS: Smaller & Smarter
FrB-P-LW: Light Wings
FrB-P-MP: Material Processing
FrB-P-RR: Recycling & Reuse
FrB-P-MU: Multiple Uses
FrB-P-CB: Connected Buildings


FrB-M-La: Landscape Materials
FrB-M-RR: Rapidly Renewable Materials
FrB-M-Re: Regional Materials
FrB-M-DS: Durable Shell


FrB-A-VO: Ventilation Orientation
FrB-A-TV: Targeted Ventilation
FrB-A-VW: Ventilating Windows
FrB-A-EB: Electric Breeze
FrB-A-Ex: Exhaust
FrB-A-EB: Exterior Breeze-Catcher
FrB-A-EM: Exterior Mist


FrB-E-Or: Orientation
FrB-E-SO: South-Facing Outdoors
FrB-E-RR: Reflective Roofing
FrB-E-CH: Ceiling Height
FrB-E-DL: Day-Lighting
FrB-E-GE: Green Envelope
FrB-E-LD: Laundry Drying
FrB-E-EL: Exterior Lighting
FrB-E-EE: Efficient Equipment
FrB-E-AC: Active Energy Collection
FrB-E-SW: Sheltered Wall


FrB-W-SI: Site Irrigation
FrB-W-RR: Rainwater Reuse
FrB-W-GR: Greywater Reuse
FrB-W-PC: Personal Cooling

Secondary Credits

Nourishable Places

Garden Types

NoP-T-EG: Edge Yard Garden Type
NoP-T-CG: Courtyard Garden Type
NoP-T-RG: Roof Garden Type
NoP-T-AG: Arbor Garden Type
NoP-T-WG: Wall Garden Type
NoP-T-BG: Balcony Garden Type
NoP-T-Wi: Window Garden Type


NoP-E-Co: Compost
NoP-E-TS: Tool Shed

Accessible Places

AcP-P-PL: Parking Location
AcP-P-RA: Rear Access
AcP-P-SE: Street Enclosure
AcP-P-FO: Front Openings
AcP-P-VC: View Changes
AcP-P-SS: Sitting on the Street


AcP-E-ST: Street Trees
AcP-E-GS: Gift to the Street
AcP-E-Si: Sidewalk
AcP-E-SE: Sidewalk Edge
AcP-E-BP: Bicycle Parking
AcP-E-AP: Automobile Parking
AcP-E-SS: Sidewalk Shelter
AcP-E-SC: Street Corner

Serviceable Places

Building Types

SrP-T-LW: Live-Workshop
SrP-T-LS: Live-Shop
SrP-T-LO: Live-Office
SrP-T-TB: Tiny Building
SrP-T-AD: Accessory Dwelling
SrP-T-MP: Multiplex

Non-Building Uses

SrP-U-AH: Animal Habitat
SrP-U-OP: Outdoor Play

Securable Places


ScP-P-ES: Eyes on the Street
ScP-P-SF: Securable Front
ScP-P-SV: Side View
ScP-P-IP: Inhabitable Porch
ScP-P-LB: Lovable Building
ScP-P-SC: Securable Center
ScP-P-NC: Neighborhood Civic Space

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